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Agricultural production and processing – meeting requirements

This course is available as a tailored option for those who have a number of staff who would benefit from the training. If you would like more information please complete the enquiry form

Benefits of attending

The optimised production of raw materials is vital in maintaining the quality of the final product. There are a number of important factors that need to be considered if production practices are to meet the demand of the customer. The fresh produce sector is diverse and there are a number of issues that can compromise quality throughout the supply chain. Crop production, post-harvest storage and processing are all crucial steps in the conversion of raw material to the final product and quality can be compromised at each stage. A greater understanding of these quality issues and how to control them, will help optimise business operations, improving raw material supply.

The course will make you better equipped for a rapidly changing sector and allow you to understand the issues that are currently facing the produce industry, including legislation, agricultural production and supply chain issues. This course is suited to companies who wish to train a number of delegates at the same time. The learning from this course can be practically applied in the workplace to develop solutions to industry problems in the fresh produce and processing sectors.

Typical Attendees:
Technical managers, farmers, farm managers, processors and delegates who need to gain a greater knowledge of the produce sector.

Course content

• Legislation and COPs for fresh produce.  
• Agricultural production and links to raw material suitability.
• Harvesting, safety and quality control in the fresh produce sector.
• Pesticides  – An overview;  use, types, legislation.
• Processing behaviour and problems.
• The supply chain, transportation processing and storage.

Learning outcomes:

• Identify quality issues in the fresh produce sector and how they can be controlled.
• A greater understanding of the fresh produce supply chain.
• Consider current legislation relevant to the fresh produce sector.
• Awareness of pesticide use in the food supply chain.

This course can be customised and is available in house

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