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Practical microbiology – advanced

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Benefits of attending

This course is the third and  top level of  microbiology training of laboratory staff offered by Campden BRI and is designed for senior microbiologists and senior laboratory personnel wishing to  under-pin and further their knowledge of management system issues. Better understanding of the importance of accurate record keeping will enable delegates to demonstrate the efficacy of their testing procedures and quality systems. The course will also cover areas that often come under the remit of a food microbiologist such as shelf life testing and predictive microbiology.

Training Course content

• Choosing and implementation of methods
• Molecular methods
• Culture storage and media QC testing
• Laboratory quality systems
• Validation of microbiological methods
• Challenge testing , durability (shelf life) testing and predictive microbiology
• Overview of 'Top 5' pathogens and recent outbreaks
• HACCP overview

Course aims

• To identify the right testing methods for the right products
• To demonstrate the critical importance of keeping records
• To avoid breakdowns in systems leading to false results 

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

• Validate results by keeping accurate records and correctly maintaining and  calibrating equipment
• Ascertain the most appropriate testing method for a laboratory’s application
• Have an understanding of predictive modelling and shelf life testing procedures.


Event Director - Fiona Cawkell

Further information

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