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Chorleywood bread process

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Benefits of attending

This course will be of interest to all areas of the industrial baking industry, whether you are working in a medium or large plant bakery or the ingredient supply chain. The course will enable delegates to obtain a greater understanding of the principles of ingredient choice and production along with issues relating to shelf-life and staling. This course would also be ideal for personnel who are involved in selling ingredients and equipment to bakeries using the CBP.

Course content

  • Essential features of the CBP
  • Role of energy during mixing
  • Creation of the bubble structure and variations in crumb structure obtained
  • Choices of ingredients including flour, improver, oxidising agents, emulsifiers
  • Dough temperatures and how these influence bread quality
  • Dough rheology
  • Critical control points during processing
  • Identifying quality characteristics and faults
  • Shelf-life - including long-life breads

"The CBP is responsible for over 80% of the bread produced in the UK and is used in every corner of the world. This course will be focusing on all the principles of CBP production from choice of ingredient to the theory behind the mechanical development of the dough. Delegates will go away with a full understanding of the process and how to obtain the best results for their breads.




With the introduction of the pressure vacuum mixer we can play so many tunes on the bubble structure that a wide range of bread types are possible. Open structures which are required for breads such as the bloomer or farmhouse can be produced efficiently and consistently using such mixers. Throughout the day there will be in-depth discussion on the use and understanding of the CBP and how this relates to bread quality "

This course can be customised and is available in house

Event Director - Andrew Hughes

Further information

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