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Frozen foods – an introduction to the practical elements

This course is available as a tailored option for those who have a number of staff who would benefit from the training. If you would like more information please complete the enquiry form

Benefits of attending

A course for food producers, packaging providers, cold store operators, distribution specialists, equipment manufacturers and retailers, all of whom would benefit from increasing their awareness of the modern frozen food chain.

Acquire the knowledge of the technical basis for frozen food preparation, freezing, packing, storage and distribution. The course also covers practical applications of relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.

Course content

  • Key stages in the frozen food chain
  • Technical aspects of preparing foods ready for freezing
  • How different freezer designs affect the freezing process
  • Legislation and COPs in the frozen food chain
  • Packaging for frozen foods
  • Marketplace trends in frozen foods
  • The future for frozen food manufacturing

"As we demand longer shelf-life and improved taste and quality in prepared foods, frozen foods will play an increasingly important role in the consumer´s choice. This course provides the necessary information and technical guidance for food professionals to make optimal use of this high quality preservation technology."

Martin George – Event Director

Further information

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