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Principles of baking


17-20 April 2018


Members £1795 + VAT
Non–members £2335 + VAT

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One day £545 £710
Two days £1060 £1380
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Four days £1795 £2335

Delegates can book onto one or more of the module days to suit their interest area/needs.

You will be asked to select which modules each delegate will attend when you check out, the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Venue: Campden BRI, Chipping Campden

Benefits of attending

This modular course is run on 4 consecutive days allowing delegates to book onto a single or multiple Module days depending on their interest area.

On each module day course delegates will receive technical, scientific and practical training covering the basic raw material, recipes and processes for each of the 4 subject areas (Module 1: Bread, Module 2: Cakes, Module 3: Biscuits, Module 4: Pastry), gaining skills and understanding that can be applied in the workplace and is delivered in a way to assist those new to the food industry or in need of refresher training in a particular area.

Typical attendees usually include those new to the food industry such as: food technologists; technical managers and technical assistants; quality assurance supervisors; factory managers responsible for the quality baked goods. It is also suitable for anyone involved in the marketing, sales or administration of products within a food manufacturing business.

training content

Each module in this course will provide basic principles of product type, ingredients, recipes and manufacturing processes as well as product quality and its measurement. The course is structured to provide a logical approach through the stages of developing and manufacturing baked goods.

Key topics include ingredients function, recipe, processes and quality.

Course aims

• To provide an introduction to the production of baked good in the 4 module areas.
• To demonstrate the technical skills needed to apply the theory in a practical environment.
• To share Campden BRI's experiences within the Bakery foods sector and to encourage debate around the topics discussed through delegate participation.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

• Identify the critical factors involved with the recipe design and manufacture of the chosen module’s products.
• Gain practical experience in the basic production in some of the chosen module’s products.
• Apply the theory and technical skills learnt on the course in their own practical working environment and job role.

Andrew Hughes – Event Director

This course can be customised and is available in house

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