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5th International bakery technology conference; recent developments in the bakery industry

5th International bakery technology conference; recent developments in the bakery industry

21-22 October 2020

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How can your business reduce fat, sugar and calories in their bakery products? Or use novel technologies to reduce waste during processing? These are just two of the questions that will be answered by experts during this conference which focuses on the recent developments and challenges in the bakery sector.

The conference will bring together all parts of the bakery chain, from wheat and ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers, through to retailers and bakeries and companies that supply product testing equipment.

Lin Carson, of BAKERpedia, will be coming over from the USA to deliver the keynote presentation on ‘Why Taste will Save The Baking Industry’ supported by a programme of talks from industry and academic experts.

Presentations will be on a range of bakery topics and issues, with sessions divided into the following themes:

  • ingredients – enzymes, fats and oils, fibre, flavours and raising agents
  • waste and sustainability - strategies for managing and reduction
  • processing - sheeting, depositing, mixing, and pre-processing of cereal ingredients

There will be the opportunity to network, view exhibits and go on a site tour. You’ll also be able to see the most recent advances in bakery technology from sponsors who will be showcasing their latest products.

Who should attend

Anyone involved in the bakery chain who has a need to understand the baking process. Presentations will have a technical content and will be commercially relevant to baking technology.

Conference dinner

Conference dinner at the Charingworth Manor, Ebrington

Event leaflet

View the Bakery technology conference event leaflet

Event Director

Gary Tucker



Time Presentation
Day 1
08:30 Registration and arrival refreshments
09:00 Welcome and housekeeping
Gary Tucker, Campden BRI
09:05 Chairman’s introduction
Sam Millar, Warburtons
09:10 Keynote presentation
Why taste will save the baking industry
Lin Carson, BAKERpedia, USA
10:00 Refreshment break
  Session 1: ingredients
10:30 New bakery enzymes
Andy Flounders, Dupont
11:05 Reducing fat, sugar and calories in bakery products
Kaly Chatakondu, AAK (UK) Ltd
11:40 Novel methods to increase the nutritional value of baked goods
Lucas Westphal, Campden BRI
12:15 What’s new from the sponsors?
12:30 Lunch, opportunity to view exhibits and go on site tours
  Session 2: ingredients
13:30 Meeting today’s challenges with the AlveoLAB, enhanced flour analysis based on 100 years of experience
The Alveograph was invented by Marcel CHOPIN in the late 1920’s. Since then, it became a worldwide standard for determining flour quality attribute at all the stage of the wheat-bread chain. The current standard methods are based upon the original constant hydration procedure. Facing new industry processes, new wheat create a real need to think these traditional tools “out of the box”. This presentation will discuss an adapted hydration protocol propose in 1998 and will give some examples of total adaptation to efficiently test today’s flours (and even other products).
Arnaud Dupat, CHOPIN Technologies
14:05 Changing grain functionality for cake using pre-processing techniques
Mike Adams, Campden BRI
14:40 Trends in flavor for bakery products
Mike Bagshaw, International Taste Solutions
15:15 Refreshment break and opportunity to view the exhibits
  Session 3: waste and sustainability's
15:45 Social and environmental strategies for business
Dr Gavin Milligan, Green Knight Sustainability Consulting Ltd
16:20 Reducing waste on bread roll plants by application of novel technologies
An investigation into whether novel dough handling technologies can minimise product waste during the manufacturing process
Kylee Goode, University of Birmingham
16:55 Phosphate replacement in raising agents
Dinnie Jordan, Kudos Blends
17:30 Close of day
Conference dinner
19:00 Drinks reception
19:30 Conference dinner
Day 2
08:30 Arrival refreshments
08:40 Chairman’s introduction
  Session 4: processing
08:50 Resting and sheeting of pastry
  • Factors impacting the gluten activity to include gluten content, kinetic energy and binding capacity and the synergism between them
  • A correlation between the above factors and processing parameters in dough development such as mixing and resting time
  • Optimising the processing parameters in reducing the resting time whilst retaining the texture
Dinesh Khadka, David Wood Baking Ltd and Greenwich University
09:25 Mechanics of high speed mixing and dough development
Through rigorous testing, analysis, and evaluation, Baker Perkins have developed an enhanced understanding of how the dough mixing pattern and heat rise within the mixing bowl is affected by the mixing plate design. After redesigning the High Speed Mixer plate, investigations have been conducted into what is actually happening inside the bowl, shedding light onto how energy can be imparted more efficiently and how the frictional heat rise can be altered.
Will Smith, Baker Perkins
10:00 Low FODMAP (low fructan) and oats breads
Markku Mikola, Fazer
10:35 Refreshment break and opportunity to network and view exhibits
  Session 5: processing
11:05 Cake fluffiness measurement
Jo Baker-Perrett, Campden BRI
11:40 Developing and testing an artificial intelligence algorithm for bread dough mixing
Jane Tyler, RedBlack Software
12:15 Adjusting cereal grain functionality using Revtech heat treatment
Chris Holland, Holmach (and sponsors)
12:50 Closing remarks
13:00 A buffet lunch will be available and last opportunity to view exhibits
13:30 A Revtech wheat processing demonstration in the process hall
14:00 Close


  • Gary Tucker, Campden BRI

    Gary Tucker is Head of the Baking and Cereal Processing Department at Campden BRI and has worked for the company since 1989. He studied Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University and is a chartered chemical engineer. He has an MPhil for work in the measurement of rheological properties of foods and a PhD for work related to time–temperature integrators.

    The Department of Baking and Cereal Processing aims to combine science and technology in order to provide technical support for the international baking and cereal processing industries. The success of the Department is based on a broad, practical experience of cereal and bakery technologies that enables it to help customers resolve ingredient and processing problems, and to measure ingredient and product quality.

    Gary’s areas of expertise include:

    • Heat processing, oven cooking and process calculation methods
    • Oven heat transfer
    • Time–temperature integrators for pasteurisation and sterilisation
    • Bakery technology and processing
    • Energy reduction in baking
  • Sam Millar, Warburtons

    Sam Millar is the Director of Quality for Warburtons Ltd, responsible for product and packaging quality, food safety and regulatory compliance. Prior to joining Warburtons Ltd, he was the Director of Technology at Campden BRI where he led a team delivering technical support to the global food industry. Sam is a Fellow of the Academy of the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC) and has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI). He has a PhD in Food Science from The Queen’s University of Belfast.

  • Kylee Goode, University of Birmingham

    Dr Kylee Goode has worked neatly between food process R&D and engineering for more than 10 years. She has specific interest and application in d eveloping sustainable manufacturing processes. Particularly in the area of novel product and waste handling approaches to minimise process resources and emissions. Examples of recent funded collaborative R&D projects involving Kylee include:

    • Cleaning optimisation projects (e.g. ZEAL – Zero Emissions by Advanced cLeaning and PROSPECT - Proving of Real-wOrld Scalable PrEdiCtive Tools/Technologies) for the FMCG industry and their suppliers
    • Waste valorisation/minimisation projects foor the food and drink industry (e.g. EXCIL - Selective Extraction of Valuable Food Processing Components using Ionic Liquids, and Reducing Waste On Bread Roll Plants By Application Of Novel Process Technologies)

    Over the years Kylee has presented her research in peer reviewed papers/journals, at conferences and in book chapters and industrial magazines (e.g. Baking Europe, Food Manufacture). Her activism towards food process engineering in Chemical Engineering Education has also lead to graduate recruitment in the food industry.

  • Dinesh Khadka, David Wood Baking Ltd and Greenwich University
    • MSc in Food Safety & Quality Management System from the University of Greenwich
    • Currently PhD student and researching on optimisation of the dough resting period and enhancing puff pastry quality
    • Working in Food Industries for more than 16 years in Technical/ Quality/Auditing areas
    • Worked as Quality Manager, Technical Manager, Compliance Manager, Supplier Auditor
    • Guest Speaker at the University of the Greenwich
    • MIG Member at Campden BRI for nearly 4 years
  • Will Smith, Baker Perkins

    Will is a Graduate Process Engineer at Baker Perkins. Having had a 7 month placement with Baker Perkins during his course, Will graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Food Engineering in 2018. He is now working full time for Baker Perkins in a food process role and has been tasked with challenging the established theories amongst bakers and developing equipment to improve efficiency and underline existing theories.

  • Arnaud Dupat, CHOPIN Technologies

    Arnaud Dubat is Director of the Business Development Department for CHOPIN Technologies (France). Arnaud holds a Master in Sciences and Techniques for the agro food industry and a Master in International Marketing and Strategy. His original background comes from Biochemistry and he also holds a miller’s degree from the French Milling School (ENSMIC).

    He started working for CHOPIN Technologies in 1989. His various occupations in the company (he started as an after sales technician) puts him in constant contact with flour producers or users worldwide.

    Arnaud is a standardisation expert for AFNOR, ISO and CEN, he gives teaching lectures at the “Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers”. He is BIPEA Vice president, corporate member representative for ICC and is also actively involved in AACCi standardisation working groups.

  • Mike Adams, Campden BRI

    Mike is the Process Innovation Lead, within the Consulting, Technology Group at Campden BRI and joined the organisation in April 2016.

    The Process Innovation group are responsible for supporting clients in all aspects of processing. Key areas for the group include thermal and non thermal process validation; the investigation of new technologies, and their application to food and beverages; bakery and brewery processing.

    Mike studied for a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology at the University of Manchester, graduating in 2005.

    Since graduating, Mike has worked primarily within R&D and Technical roles for multinational FMCG organisations. Most recently he led the development of own label products for a major high street health and wellness retailer, specialising in spotting new trends in functional foods, sports nutrition and free from foods.

    Mike’s areas of interest include the effect of processing on the nutritional value of food, generating novel structures, and how functionality of materials can be altered.

  • Gavin Milligan, Green Knight Sustainability Consulting Ltd

    Dr Gavin Milligan holds a PhD from the University of London and worked for 9 years in the chemical industry before moving to the food sector and has worked for businesses ranging from SMEs to blue chip corporates in supply chain, operations and commercial roles. He is Director of Green Knight Sustainability Consulting Ltd, providing support for agri-food and allied businesses on a broad range of sustainability challenges from social and environmental strategy to resource efficiency.

    He is also ESG Director for the William Jackson Food Group where he oversees the company’s social and environmental programmes, a Member Director of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a member of the Food Sector Knowledge Transfer Network, which he represents on the European Food Technology Platform, and an Engagement Ambassador for the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures at The University of Sheffield.

    Gavin is a committee member of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s agriculture sector group and of BBNet and chairs the Sustainability Steering Group at IFST. He is a former Chair of the Agri-food Member Interest Group at Campden BRI and of the Management Committee of FoodWasteNet. He sits on the Industrial Advisory Boards at Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Excellence in Food Engineering and Lincoln University’s MSc programme in Agri-food Technology, the Commercial Advisory Board of the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre in Glasgow and the Events Advisory Board for New Food Magazine.

  • Dinnie Jordan, Kudos Blends

    Dinnie is on a quest to create healthier baked goods. Combining a degree in chemistry, 25 years’ experience in the bakery market, and a generous helping of entrepreneurial vision, Dinnie is the founder and CEO of UK based Kudos Blends.

    Launching Kudos Blends back in 1999, Dinnie’s inspirational leadership skills and passion for non-stop innovation has established this leavening agent manufacturer and supplier as a successful global operator. In 2016, soaring international sales gained Kudos Blends The Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

    As increasingly stringent sodium reduction targets are published across the globe, Dinnie’s continuous focus on the health benefits of potassium has enabled Kudos to solve nutritional challenges faced by world-leading bakeries.

  • Jane Tyler, RedBlack Software

    Jane Tyler founded RedBlack Software in 1998 after completing her masters degree in computer science at the University of York.

    As well as designing systems for the healthcare, civil engineering and online learning sectors, she is the chief architect of CyBake, Britain’s leading bakery management software suite.

    Jane is the vice chair of the British Society of Baking and she speaks regularly at food business conferences throughout the UK. In 2014, she graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Ambassador Programme, a select initiative that supports high-growth SMEs.

  • Lucas Westphal, Campden BRI

    Lucas works as a senior bakery scientist within the Baking and Cereal Processing Department at Campden BRI and joined the organisation in September 2018.

    The Bakery Science Section utilizes an extensive understanding of both cereal and bakery science to further develop the fundamental understanding of the interaction of ingredients, recipes and processes for the international baking and cereal processing industries. Lucas’ main areas of work include project work on fibre, sourdough and bread making processes.

    Before joining Campden, Lucas completed a 3-year apprenticeship in a semi-industrial bakery in Germany. He then obtained a BSc in home economics and nutritional sciences from the University of applied sciences Niederrhein in Germany. Afterwards he graduated with a first class in Food Science (MSc) from the University of Reading, studying the application of a novel fibre in bakery products.

  • Jo Baker-Perrett, Campden BRI

    Jo is a Food Scientist in the Rheology and Texture section of the Production and Processing Research Department. Jo joined Campden BRI in 2016 and his main roles include product assessment, with a focus on the physical properties of food products and ingredient functionality. This includes experience in texture analysis, rheological and thermal measurements. He graduated with 2.1 master’s degree in chemistry from the University Sheffield in 2014 and has previously worked in education.

  • Mike Bagshaw, International Taste Solutions

    From an early entrepreneurial career that began by selling Spitting Image characters in his primary school playground, to becoming the founder of International Taste Solutions (ITS), a multi-million-pound specialist flavour supplier to the food industry, Mike Bagshaw is a man who knows the taste of success.

    Mike founded ITS in Newbury in 2009 and the company has gone on to win the Thames Valley Business of the Year in 2018. ITS continues to grow at a fast pace and is now active in 16 countries with plans to produce great tasting flavours all over the world.

    Mike's career now spans over 20 years’ experience in food ingredients and has been driven by his passion for great tasting and healthy food.

  • Lin Carson, BAKERpedia

    With over 40,000 page views a week, BAKERpedia has become the global baking industry’s resource. Dr. Lin Carson created BAKERpedia after working with Wendy’s International and Dave’s Killer Bread. While overseeing food safety, quality, co-manufacturing and R&D procedures, she discovered a huge gap in technical information sharing. This was when Dr. Carson launched BAKERpedia, with the ultimate aim of strengthening the entire baking ecosystem. Dr. Carson obtained her BSc degree in Food Science & Technology from the Ohio State University, and a MSc & PhD from the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University. After launching her YouTube Scale UP episodes that address the growing needs of an artisan bakery, questions flooded into Dr. Carson daily on BAKERpedia. Seeing that there is a need for a global baking community, Dr. Carson launched a free membership program at BAKERpedia, providing a forum-based community that supports the baking industry. You can catch Dr. Carson on her BAKED In Science podcast, and follow her on LinkedIn.

Please note that copies of the presentations will not be available on the day but will be emailed within a few days of the event as an electronic download in PDF format.

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