Campden BRI Board

Campden BRI Board Members

  • Tim Holmes
  • Mr. Tim Holmes: ^O*
    (Chair): Diageo
    Global Supply
  • Alec Kyriakides
  • Mr. Alec Kyriakides ^O*
    Supermarkets Ltd
  • Helen Sisson
  • Ms. Helen Sisson O*
    2 Sisters Food Group Ltd

  • Brett Warburton
  • Mr. Brett Warburton: +^O*
    Warburtons Ltd

  • Bob Clarke
  • Mr. Bob Clarke: ^*
    Fenton Packaging Ltd

  • Bob Heygate
  • Mr. Bob Heygate: +*
    Heygates Ltd

  • Simon Branch
  • Dr. Simon Branch: *
    Herbalife Europe Ltd
  • Andy Davies
  • Dr. Andy Davies:
    H.J. Heinz Co. Ltd

  • Sterling Crew
  • Mr. Sterling Crew:
    Independent Scientific
  • Moira Howie
  • Moira Howie :
    Independent Scientific
  • Lorna Schneider
  • Ms. Lorna Schneider:
    Hilton Food Group
    (Chair STC)
  • Philip Moody
  • Mr. Philip Moody: +

  • Alex Waugh
  • Mr. Alex Waugh: +
    National Association of
    British and Irish Millers Ltd
  • John O´Brien
  • Dr. John O´Brien:
    The Food Observatory

  • Alexander Nelstrop
  • Mr Alexander Nelstrop:
    Wm Nelstrop & Co Ltd

* Strategy and Risk Committee
O Remuneration Committee
^ Nominations Committee
+ Audit Committee

Joining the Board

Representatives from member companies interested in joining the board should contact Chris Huscroft