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Campden BRI unlocks four times the flavour from truffles


Black Moth approached Campden BRI for assistance with their well-known truffle vodka. The key ingredient in the vodka is European Périgord truffles, a culinary delicacy that is notorious for being elusive and therefore expensive.

Having identified the need to deliver greater value from the product, Black Moth wanted support in developing and implementing a road map for product optimisation.

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Given that the natural truffle ingredient is highly valued by consumers and is an essential element of the Black Moth brand identity, using an artificial truffle flavour was simply not a viable solution.

Our technical experts conducted a thorough investigation into the various methods that could maximise the amount of flavour extracted from the truffles.

Optimising the truffle extract resulted in a significant return on investment (ROI) that ultimately outweighed the expenses of the research.


The laboratory and sensory analyses confirmed that the confidential new method delivered a four-fold increase in the level of truffle flavour from the same amount of ingredient. This result meant a reduction in the amount of truffle extract required for each batch and maximised the cost efficiency of the product’s most expensive ingredient.

Black Moth's owner, Paul Amin, commented:

Campden BRI discovered an ingenious and cost-effective solution for us to make the most of an extremely precious raw material. It completely avoids the use of artificial flavourings by maximising the effect of the natural flavours in the truffle. And because of the amount of truffle we have to use – and its price – the solution is extremely cost-effective, providing a significant return on the investment in the research and innovation. It's an absolute win-win. The method not only enhanced the flavour of our flagship product, it has also massively increased the use and efficiency of our most expensive raw material. This wouldn´t have happened without the expertise and technical support of Campden BRI."

The Campden BRI difference

The food and drink industry presents a fast-paced, constantly changing environment that requires creative thinking, quick responses and cost-effective solutions to meet consumer demand. Campden BRI can help overcome these challenges.

Our knowledge and expertise place us at the forefront of global scientific innovation in this sector. No matter what our client’s challenge may be, we consistently deliver innovative solutions, helping them optimise their product to put them in a much better position to conquer their market.

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