Raw Materials and Ingredients - Member Interest Group

This MIG provides a unique forum for members with an interest in the safety and quality of the full spectrum of raw materials and ingredients being supplied to food and drink manufacturers. Members, who are active in plant breeding, agriculture, horticulture, agrochemical supplies, produce marketing, food manufacturing, distribution, and retailing etc., share a common interest in raw materials and ingredients products, innovation, and solutions.

The MIG maintains a close interest in and is kept fully informed about factors influencing the supply and quality of primary agricultural products, including discussion of upcoming and in-place guidance and legislation. The aim of this MIG is to provide a collaborative environment in which challenges and solutions can be discussed. It is also an ideal forum for networking, horizon-scanning, identifying gaps in knowledge and addressing them, as well as keeping up to date with legislation, latest research, and other upcoming topics.

Chair: Dan Bates, Greencore
Vice-Chair: Rhian Hayward, AberInnovation

Next Raw Materials and Ingredients meeting

Raw Materials and Ingredients MIG


Thu 23 May 2024 12:30 - 15:00 BST

Meeting Agenda

Typical topics of interest:

Horizon scanning and information

  • Updates on latest harvest volumes and quality
  • Pricing information
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Legislation and guidance
  • Threats and opportunities including fraud and authenticity


  • Novel breeds and their properties
  • Robotics and automation
  • Alternative plant nutrition
  • Vertical farming; hydro/aero-panics, controlled environment agriculture
  • Fermented ingredients
  • Ancient grains

Best practice

  • Hygienic practice and design
  • Fraud prevention
  • Testing and analytical methods
  • Cross-contaminant prevention
  • Hypersensitivity and allergens
  • Functionality and nutritional quality

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