Agri–food - Member Interest Group

The Agri–food MIG provides a unique forum for members with an interest in the safety and quality of primary agricultural products. Members, who are active in plant breeding, agriculture, horticulture, agrochemical supplies, produce marketing, food manufacturing, distribution and retailing, share a common interest in the influence of agricultural practices on the food chain.

The MIG maintains a close interest in and is kept fully informed about factors influencing the supply and quality of primary agricultural products, notably developing pesticide legislation.

The Cereals and cereal applications testing working group provides a forum for discussion between members of all areas of the grain chain from plant breeders through to retailers. It has paid particular attention to cereal properties for baked products, animal feeds, and alternative end uses, organic trials and supply problems arising from the poor growing conditions.

MIG Chair: Innogen Carter-Hall, Provenance Partners

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Agri–food MIG

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