Fermented and Alcoholic Drinks - Member Interest Group

The group has a range of interests related to alcoholic beverages and fermented non-alcoholic products including improving utilisation, new hop varieties and flavours, feed safety, legislation, production methods, environmental impact, product safety, chemical and microbiological contaminants, flavour stability and consumer trends and attitudes. Topics relating to cider, wine and spirits are also of interest to this group. The aim of this MIG is to provide a collaborative environment in which challenges and solutions can be discussed. It is also an ideal forum for networking, horizon-scanning, identifying gaps in knowledge and addressing them, as well as keeping up to date with legislation, latest research, and other upcoming topics.

Chair: Jo-Ann Rice, Molson Coors Brewing Company
Vice-Chair: Pamela Anderson, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd

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Typical topics of interest:

Raw materials and ingredients

  • Harvest reports and sources of alternatives
  • Hops and barley
  • Yeast

Manufacturing and supply

  • Production methods
  • Optimisation of brewing and distilling processes
  • Brewery hygiene
  • Developments in packaging
  • Knowledge management

Product safety

  • Chemical and microbiological contamination
  • Alcoholic beverages and health
  • No/Lo alcohol challenges
  • Labelling

Product quality

  • Shelf-life extension
  • Consumer perception
  • Horizon scanning
  • Product stability

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