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The food service sector represents an important and growing proportion of the food and drink industry. The MIG has a broad membership base and is recognised as an important forum for the discussion of technical and scientific issues related to the food service sector and its suppliers. Among its members are contract caterers, restaurant and catering chains, pub chain operators, public sector organisations, institutional caterers, equipment manufacturers and food service suppliers. Most members are actively involved in technical, quality and safety management. The aim of this MIG is to provide a collaborative environment in which challenges and solutions can be discussed. It is also an ideal forum for networking, horizon-scanning, identifying gaps in knowledge and addressing them, as well as keeping up to date with legislation, latest research, and other upcoming topics.

Chair: Ashleigh Moore, Greggs PLC.
Vice-Chair: Dean Roche - Mitchells & Butlers

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Typical topics of interest:

Manufacturing, food preparation and supply

  • Process design and optimisation
  • Innovative processing and packing operations
  • Cost-effective supply chain management

Product quality and innovation

  • Understanding, definition, and measurement of product quality
  • Delivery of consistent quality
  • Product innovation and the new product development process
  • Reformulation for health and for cost reduction
  • Vegan and vegetarian

Food and the consumer

  • Consumers´ attitudes to food and their behaviour
  • Physical and sensory interaction between the consumer and the product
  • Understanding the links between food, diet, and health

Food and drink safety

  • Identification of current and emerging chemical, biological and physical hazards, and the associated risks
  • Reduction of safety hazards and risks
  • Methods of sampling and analysis of food safety hazards
  • Food fraud and authenticity
  • Hypersensitivity and allergens

Knowledge management

  • Legislative and guidance updates
  • Understanding of the food supply chain by the public

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