Food and Drink Science - Member Interest Group

The groups purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of non-microbiological topics relating to all aspects of the science of food and drink and its associated packaging. The impact of ingredient processing on final taste and texture is an important component of the MIG, as is the impact on shelf-life. The aim of this MIG is to provide a collaborative environment in which challenges and solutions can be discussed. It is also an ideal forum for networking, horizon-scanning, identifying gaps in knowledge and addressing them, as well as keeping up to date with legislation, latest research, and other upcoming topics.

Chair: Rhian Blake, Waitrose & Partners
Vice-Chair: Pamela Thompson, AberInnovation

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Food and Drink Science MIG

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Typical topics of interest:

Chemical composition and physical properties

  • Chemical composition of food and drink, including proximates, minerals and vitamins
  • Chemical composition of food and drink packaging materials
  • Influence of food composition on packaging material choice
  • Measurement of physical properties of foods and drinks
  • Appearance (e.g. colour) and quality attributes of food; characterisation


  • Taints and flavours
  • Chemical and physical reactions occurring between ingredients
  • Interactions between sensory and chemical and physical properties of foods and drinks


  • Migration of components within products
  • Functional properties of food and drink and its associated packaging
  • Migration of packaging materials into products


  • Materials science, including measurements and methods
  • Applications of molecular biology to food and drink science (e.g. GM)
  • Methods of chemical analysis


  • Chemical and physical contaminants, foreign bodies
  • Authenticity/adulteration - food fraud

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