Annette Sansom

Annette Sansom

Section Lead - Emerging Microbiology

+44(0)1386 842263


Annette has a wealth of knowledge and experience from working at Campden BRI since 1998, always within Microbiology.

Annette’s food and drink industry interests are: microbiology including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa; food safety; food spoilage; fresh produce microbiology including vertical farming and methods to describe microbial populations.

Specific areas of expertise

  • Virus detection
  • Virus control strategies
  • Cell culture for virus propagation and enumeration
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness assessment
  • Yeast and moulds

Annette has conducted bespoke trials for food microbiology research and development, and has managed various research and contract projects. She has spent time conducting routine food microbioology analysis using a variety of methods, managed projects related to microbiological shelf-life testing, challenge testing, predictive microbiology, method validations (to ISO 16140 requirements), molecular microbiology, antimicrobial testing, and verification of control measures against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In July 2021, Annette began leading the Emerging Microbiology Section. During this role, Annette lead the management, development and implementation of strategies in emerging microbiology (including focussing on virus detection and control, antimicrobial assessment against bacteria, yeast, and moulds, molecular methods for bacterial and fungal population analysis in food and the environment, and non-food microbiology).

Other activities within industry

  • Advisory board position in the Innovate UK Phage Innovation Network
  • BSI AW/9 Microbiology committee member

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