Christopher James

Christopher James

Food Safety Specialist - Allergens

Chris joined the Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) team at Campden BRI in August 2019 after studying Nutrition at Coventry University graduating with a BSc (Hons). He is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). Chris has undertaken multiple placements and an internship in various public health settings applying his knowledge of nutrition, food science and dietary conditions (including food allergy and intolerance).

He brings this knowledge to his current role of Food Safety Specialist – Allergens working in collaboration with other specialists to achieve a holistic approach to food safety management. Chris provides training and consultancy in all areas of food safety management including allergen management, TACCP (food defence), VACCP (food fraud), and HACCP.

During his time at Campden BRI, Chris has assisted in writing articles, reports, and research on current industry topics. His most recently authored article is on the impact of the new Codex food allergen management code of practice.

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