David Whittaker

David Whittaker is the Process Innovation department manager at Campden BRI and a Thermal Processing specialist. His Chemical and Food engineering master’s, completed at University of Birmingham, was where his interest in the food and beverage industry originally stems. Through his time at Campden BRI, and in previous industry technical roles, and David has developed expertise across many food and beverage sectors, particularly around the production of shelf stable in-container products as well as in processed chilled/frozen products.

In his current role David undertakes and oversees a range of projects within the team such as thermal and non-thermal process validation, factory trouble shooting, processing consultancy, cooking instruction development, to name a few. He also delivers many thermal processing training courses and has a real passion for communication in this area, having spoken at several conferences and seminars on the topic, as well as contributing to Campden BRI guidelines.

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