Greg Hooper

Greg Hooper

Microwave and Thermal Process Specialist

Greg Hooper works in the Department of Food Manufacturing Technologies at Campden BRI. He joined Campden BRI in 1990 having gained a BSc in Applied Science (Physics and Chemistry) from Sheffield City Polytechnic.

Greg's areas of expertise include thermal imaging and domestic microwave heating for food applications. His main responsibilities include microwave research, consultancy and training in which he has been involved for over twenty years. He was instrumental in setting up the microwave heating category rating system used in the U.K. Greg also manages the section involved with microwave product, packaging and instruction development services and assists several large U.K. retailers and their suppliers with the development of heating instructions for their products. Over the past few years he has spent time in the USA assisting and advising on the safe development of microwave products and rating systems.

As a recognised specialist in his field, Greg is invited to write articles for the trade press and present papers at International conferences. For example Greg has presented at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Conference in Dallas, US on the Subject of ‘Thermal Imaging for Microwave Heating’. Greg also presented at the IAFP conference in Washington on ‘Factors That Affect Microwave Power and Issues with The Uniformity of Heating in Microwave Ovens’ and has had his paper presented at the International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI) Annual Conference. Greg is also an active member of the Microwave Technologies Association.

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