Helen Arrowsmith

Helen Arrowsmith

Regulatory Affairs Manager and Allergens Specialist

Helen Arrowsmith is currently a Principal Food Law Adviser and Allergen Specialist in the Regulatory Affairs Department at Campden BRI. Helen uses her knowledge, gained over more than 17 years working with the food/drink industry, to provide advice on relevant UK and harmonised EU legislation, to present on scheduled and tailored training courses on food law and food allergens, and to contribute to publications such as Food Law Alert.

Helen joined Campden BRI in 2004 when she spent a year as Technical Support Officer in the Food Composition Section, dealing with operational matters and providing managerial cover to the Rural Payments Agency and HM Revenue and Customs contracts. The next nine years were spent in the Biochemistry Section at Campden BRI, where Helen worked her way up to the position of Team Leader of the Food Allergens Team. Helen managed the provision of technical contract services in the area of food allergen detection, provided interpretation of testing results, consultancy, information and advice on food allergen testing. Helen also managed member-funded research projects and co-authored two guidance documents for the food industry on ‘Validation of cleaning to remove food allergens’ (Campden BRI Guideline 59) and ‘Food allergens: practical risk analysis, testing and action levels’ (Campden BRI Guideline 71).

Helen studied for her PhD, on the ‘Impact of Anthropogenic Ionising Radiation on Soil Microbial Communities’, at the University of Nottingham where she had previously graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences: specialising in Food Microbiology.

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