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Maintaining an awareness of current food and drink legislation, understanding its implications and remaining alert to changes is increasingly challenging. Our food law products and services help you keep up to date.

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We run a range of labelling and legislation courses from beer labelling requirements to food information for consumers workshop.

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Our team of highly experience food law advisers will help you make sense of today´s controls, and ensure that full account is taken of future changes. More on technical enquiry service.

Horizon scanning

Contaminants, authenticity, emerging pathogens.. what's coming next? We utilise a wide range of resources to help you identify and prepare for the next big issue. We turn information into useful knowledge by continual monitoring of social media, news, government sites, searches of technical literature and expert interpretation and added value. Contact the Regulatory team for more information.

Food Safety Modernization Act: changing rules for food businesses exporting to the US

The key concepts that exist in US food regulation are those of adulteration and misbranding, essentially making sure that neither is food contaminated nor its packaging misleading.

To European eyes until relatively recently quite a number of the key US pieces of food law could look quite dated.

For adulteration some parts of the original 1906 Federal Meat Inspection Act still apply and elsewhere for misbranding there is the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act 1938 with important amendments for food additives in 1958 and for colour additives in 1960. Read more...

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