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Food and drink industry training courses

Labelling and legislation courses

Our food legislation training courses cover topics such as food law, food and drink labelling, nutrition and health claims, USA food and drink labelling, and weights and measures.

Do you need to be familiar with UK and EU food law? This two-day course provides a broad overview of relevant legislation.  

Next Date: 6-7 November 2019: Cost: member £895 + VAT non - member £1155 + VAT

This couse provides an in depth understanding of the legal framework relating to food additives, Enzymes and Flavourings, clarifying the changes that the Food Information to Consumers Regulation has brought about for additives labelling.

Next Date: 30 April 2020: Cost: member £599 + VAT non - member £780 + VAT

Do you need the in-depth knowledge of labelling legislation required to ensure that your labels are compliant?  This two-day course provides a detailed consideration of applicable UK and EU food and drink law.

Next Date: 11-12 February 2020: Cost: member £899 + VAT non - member £1160 + VAT

A one day refresher course for previously trained participants in food labelling an update on the essential requirements of mandatory food & drink labelling for EU Harmonised and UK legislation.  

Next Date: 12 May 2020: Cost: member £599 + VAT non - member £780 + VAT

This seminar will provide a regulatory update on food labelling, focussing on some of the key issues that currently surround it. It will examine the current and forthcoming labelling landscape and look at updates to key legislation and the available guidance. The seminar will deliver industry, consumer, policy and enforcement perspectives which will allow delegates to keep up to date with the latest developments that need to be considered when looking at food labelling.

Next Date: 5 December 2019: Cost: member £350 + VAT non - member £450 + VAT

Are you thinking of using nutrition or health claims on your product?  This one-day course provides an in-depth practical understanding of the use of nutrition and health claims.

Next Date: 9 July 2020: Cost: member £599 + VAT non - member £780 + VAT

Are you planning on exporting to the United States and need to ensure that your labels are compliant with American regulations? This one-day course will help you understand what changes need to be made to labels when selling into the United States.

Next Date: 14 May 2020: Cost: member £599 + VAT non - member £780 + VAT

Deals specifically with the quantity control of food and drink

Next Date: 21 October 2020: Cost: member £599 + VAT non - member £780 + VAT

The day will provide delegates with a clear understanding of how to produce a legal beer label

This course is available as a tailored option for those who have a number of staff who would benefit from the training. If you would like more information please complete the enquiry form

Do you and/or your staff require training in any aspect of food and drink law or labelling?  Tailored training can be a very cost effective option for up to 20 delegates.  We are able to develop and deliver bespoke training courses specifically tailored for your requirements and personnel.