Nutrient Profiling Models: High Fat Sugar Salt (HFSS) Restrictions, Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling (FOPNL) and Nutrition Claims


2 October 2024


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Benefits of attending

Two years on from the restriction of products high in fat sugar and/or salt (HFSS) in prominent locations, and with just one year until full implementation of volume, TV and online restrictions, are you up to date with the latest situation on HFSS policy and divergence in the devolved nations?

With a strong drive from both government and retailers to ensure products are compliant, it is critical that all functions involved with marketing and planning advertising campaigns are up to speed with the latest restrictions and applying the UK Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM) to products.

This half day course offers a comprehensive overview of legislation restricting HFSS products in the UK and devolved nations, and explores whether these products can make nutrition claims. It also details the global landscape of front-of-pack nutrition labels and introduces the concept of ultra-processed foods in the context of nutrient profiling.

The course will include an exercise calculating the HFSS score for products and discussions to further understand nutrient profiling and its impact on marketing restrictions, front-of-pack labelling, and nutrition claims.  In addition it provide insight into international developments and divergences in front-of-pack labelling schemes.

Who is the target audience for the course?

  • Food Industry Professionals: Including those in regulatory, technical, new product development, marketing who work for manufacturers, retailers or trade associations.
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians: Professionals involved in food product assessment.
  • Government Departments and NGOs: Individuals working on public health, nutrition policy, and food legislation.
  • Researchers: Those conducting studies in the field of nutrition policy

The course will be delivered live online over the course of one morning (0900 - 1300 hours UK time), participants will be sent log in details for a Microsoft Teams session. 

Training Course content

  • Introduction to Nutrient Profiling
  • HFSS restrictions in UK and the devolved nations (product promotion, placement, TV and online)
  • Product Categorisation
  • Calculating the HFSS score using the UK Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM) with a practical exercise applying knowledge to a real-world example
  • Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling schemes used in the UK, EU and internationally
  • Nutrition claims for HFSS products
  • Ultra-processed foods and the NOVA Classification System

 Learning outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the concept of nutrient profiling and how it applies to evaluating the nutritional composition of products
  • Be aware of the regulatory landscape in the UK and devolved nations for HFSS products
  • Be able to determine products in scope of HFSS restrictions
  • Be able to calculate the HFSS score for products using the UK NPM
  • Understand the different Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labelling schemes used in the UK and internationally
  • Understand whether products categorised as HFSS are able to make nutrition claims
  • Be aware of the concept of ultra-processed foods
Event Director - Lewis Wallis

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