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Weights and measures

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21 October 2020



Members - £599 + VAT
Non-members - £780 + VAT


Campden BRI, Chipping Campden

Benefits of attending

This unique course deals with the quantity control of food and drink. It will be of particular benefit to production and quality assurance staff in companies whose products are sold by weight or volume but will also appeal to other staff who wish to improve their understanding of this complex subject.

Although quantity control rules apply to the production and marketing of most food and drink, the detailed and complex legislation can often appear baffling to the non-specialist. As a result controls are often operated by rote, with little real understanding of the principles involved.  This one-day workshop will help to demystify the legislation, and give delegates the confidence not only to review their current systems but also to assess their efficiency and effectiveness.

Training Course content

The Weights and Measures Act, and subsidiary regulations including

  • Principles (nominal quantity, the e-mark, tolerable negative error, the three rules for packers)
  • Packers' and importers' responsibilities (Inspector's Reference Test, quantity checks and records, equipment requirements, labelling)
  • Marker requirements (quantity, identity of packer/importer & 'e' mark)
  • Setting up a control system and statistical process control (control by sampling, using MCB and templets & checkweighers)
  • Day-to-day control of production
  • Record keeping
  • Review procedures
  • Remedial actions
  • Offences, penalties and due diligence

Delegate feedback (October 2019)

  • Tutor was awesome, if he felt you hadn’t absorbed the information, he went through it again.
  • Given me some thoughts on the impact of these regulations on our goods in checks that I hadn’t previously considered.

This course can be customised and is available in house

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