Lynneric Potter

Lynneric Potter is a food packaging specialist within the Department of Food Manufacturing Technologies at Campden BRI where she has worked since 1999. Lynneric’s main activities involve consultancy and testing of packaging materials to ensure they are fit for purpose. This includes new and novel materials, as well as traditional packaging materials such as plastic, glass, metals and paper board. Lynneric has also worked on a number of large research projects on active and intelligent packaging.

Main areas of packaging work include strength and integrity testing, food and packaging interactions and a lot of troubleshooting. Lynneric’s role requires her to adapted or develop new test methods to suit the packaging or the problem being investigated and also a good understanding of food, equipment and the factory environment. Lynneric also has good knowledge in the area of modified atmosphere packing and has designed and executed many storage trials in this area for a whole range of food groups.

Lynneric completed her degree in Food Quality with Product Development at Plymouth University in 1999. Lynneric has organised numerous conferences on Active and Intelligent packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Food Packaging and Food Contact Materials and worked on a number of Campden BRI and European research projects including active packaging, edible films, seal integrity, ISAPACK and SO2SAY. Lynneric is also involved in practical aspects and lecturing on a number of Campden BRI training courses including tailored packaging related courses.

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