Martin Whitworth

Martin Whitworth is a Principal Scientist in Campden BRI's Product Innovation team. He has worked at Campden BRI and its predecessors since 1992. He has an MA and PhD in physics from Cambridge University, is a member of the Institute of Physics, Chartered Physicist and a committee member of the Food Physics group. He is an honorary Associate Professor in the University of Nottingham School of Biosciences.

Martin specialises in physical characterisation of food products and ingredients including colour, structure and texture, with particular expertise in the application of imaging techniques and digital image analysis. Methods available include spectrometers and digital cameras for colour and appearance measurement, X-ray tomography for non-destructive food structure measurement at macroscopic and microscopic scale, hyperspectral NIR imaging for composition mapping, texture analysis, density measurement, particle size and analysis of microscopy images.

Martin has experience in cereal science and technology. He is a leading expert on bubble structure of doughs and baked products. He was the inventor of the C-Cell instrument for measurement of bread quality, and pioneered the use of X-ray tomography to study bread and cake structure during baking. He also carried out the initial research that led to the Branscan and Fluoroscan instruments for flour quality analysis

Martin won the silver medal in 1994 from the National Association of British and Irish Millers as the highest placed student in their flour milling correspondence course, and won the Heinz travelling scholarship in 1995 for his work on fracture mechanics and image analysis. He has presented work and invited presentations at many food industry conferences and Campden BRI courses. He has received awards from the AOCS for an Outstanding Presentation at their 2001 conference and from the Rank Prize Funds Opto-Electronics Committee for the best contributed paper at a mini-symposium in 2004.

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