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Sarah Thomas

Dr Sarah Thomas is the Section Manager: Innovations and Insights, within the Consumer and Sensory Science Department at Campden BRI.

Sarah is an experienced qualitative researcher and project manager within the field of Consumer Insights. She is primarily involved with the design, execution and delivery of research solutions to commercial, ad hoc projects involving new or existing products and/or packaging; as well as managing, longer term consumer and sensory research projects for the food and drink industry. Current areas of interest include: consumers’ responses to health and nutrition claims; integration of the product and packaging experience; direct and indirect methods for measuring consumers’ associations, emotions and cognitions when engaging with products and packaging.

Sarah Thomas, BA(Hons), PDipM, Ph.D. initially studied Hospitality Management and began her career in hotel management. However, she returned to University as a Research Assistant, progressing to Lectureship whilst studying for her doctorate concerning managerial cognition and productivity improvement within the UK hotel industry. Sarah received her doctorate in 2000. Subsequently, she was appointed Co-ordinator of Research (External) at University College Birmingham, where she developed and managed commercially funded research, and instigated knowledge transfer initiatives. In 2005 Sarah joined the Consumer and Sensory Research team at Campden BRI where she initially worked on long term consumer research projects within the areas of consumer issues concerning diet and health, satiety and pre-load studies, portion size and on-pack sensory communication.

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