Suzanne Jordan


  • PhD
  • BSc: Food Science

Latest publications


Suzanne has worked here at Campden BRI since 2005, following nine years of PhD and postdoctoral research experience in food microbiology and molecular biology of food microorganisms.

Suzanne is the lead for third party microbiological method validation studies for AOAC, MicroVal and NordVal, is a Retailer-approved Method Review Co-ordinator, and is involved in several research and contract projects for developing and evaluating new methodology. Alongside this, she is an industrial PhD supervisor for a project on the of fine-tuning dietary fibre to target gut microbiota accessibility.

During her career to date she has participated in multidisciplinary research projects involving European partners, developed expertise in a range of molecular techniques, and presented her research at an international level and in peer-reviewed journals.

Areas of interest

  • Food safety
  • Food spoilage
  • Rapid microbiological methods
  • Molecular based detection, typing and tracking techniques
  • Next generation sequencing technologies for microbial profiling Probiotics, prebiotics, and gut health
  • Microbiology of plant based products

Specific areas of expertise

  • Salmonella
  • STEC
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Development and optimisation of microbiological methods
  • Method validation and verification
  • PCR and molecular detection methods
  • Molecular-based and sequence-based typing and tracking techniques

Other activities within industry

  • Member of MicroVal Technical Committee (evaluating microbiology method validation protocols and studies)
  • BSI AW9 member and ISO WG3 member working on ISO16140 validation methods for viruses, parasites and microbial toxins

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