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3D printing

3D printing of food

Project team: Gael Delamare
Member funded research project
Running: Sep 2018 - Sep 2019
Project Number: 146283

Project benefit for members:

This project will provide members with practical, independent evaluation of 3D printing technology in the food industry. Our research will assess which food materials and shapes can be 3D printed, the speed and efficiency of printing and the practical aspects of cleaning 3D printers. Members will also gain access to new 3D food production development services and guidance on investment options.

Project aims:

The project aims to:

Project summary:

3D printing of food is a rapidly growing technology and new printers are now becoming available that can be used for various types of food materials. These food materials are typically paste-type materials which include chocolate, vegetable and meat purees, pancake batter, cream, cakes, and biscuits. The technology is capable of manufacturing product structures not, or hardly achievable with conventional technology.

This project will explore the potential and limitations of 3D printing for the food industry. It will do this by reviewing 3D printing technology, conducting practical trials and developing new personalised products using 3D printing, and by evaluating and mitigating 3D printing challenges and limitations.

Profile of project leader/team

The project is being led by Gael Delamare. Gael is an ingredient scientist in production and processing research. He has an interest in novel food ingredients, and food waste reduction and revalorisation. The team also includes experts in physical characterisation (imaging and rheology) and product development.

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