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Ingredient selection

Ingredient selection to meet compositional and nutritional targets

Project team: Rachel Gwinn
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2017 – Dec 2019
Steering MIG: Nutrition and health
Project Number: 140908
Proposal documentation

Food and beverage product formulation / ingredient selection is being driven to meet an increasing number of compositional (and hence nutritional) goals by a range of factors, including consumer demand. This process is often technically complex due to the large and increasing number of variables involved - but necessary in the context of nutrition claims and wider corporate social responsibilities. Food retailers and manufacturers are driven to improve the nutritional composition of their products by the need to acknowledge consumer perception of nutritional requirements, the potential to make nutrition and health claims, and increasingly by corporate social responsibility. The final point is becoming increasingly relevant, as UK and European food supply is not fully meeting the nutritional requirements of the public.

This project will develop a database tool to guide ingredient selection during formulation against compositional and nutritional targets.

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