Food safety plans: a holistic approach to risk management

Project team: Chris Knight
Running: January 2014 – December 2016
Project Number: 132000
Proposal documentation

The food industry from farm to consumer continues to face many food safety challenges. The hazards and risks are not static and factors such as changes in legislation, products, processes and new knowledge all have an influence. Similarly food safety management systems continue to evolve and adapt to meet the new challenges. These systems need to be efficient and effective in managing food safety and existing good practice has to incorporate new knowledge and thinking on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of food safety systems. However, it is increasingly recognised that there should be a more holistic approach to food and feed safety management since the benefit of an integrated approach can be said to be greater than the sum of the components. This proposal therefore focuses on elucidating and incorporating new approaches and practices and exemplifying how an integrated approach to safety management can be achieved.

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    Food safety management in Agriculture guideline: Ensure that the products that you supply to the food industry meet the highest possible safety standards.

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  • Risk assessment guide

    Guidance on the application of risk assessment techniques to identify, evaluate and control hazards associated with raw materials in a food.

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