Supply resilience of food and drink ingredients - solutions, courses and publications


Multiple global factors are creating significant challenges for food and drink manufacturers. From the ability to source the required ingredient, to a rise in ingredient costs, the continued use of some no longer makes commercial sense.

Campden BRI is a world leader in developing solutions for the formulation and related regulatory factors of a huge variety of food and drink products. The breadth of our in-house knowledge ensures we can offer your business technical expertise across all the myriad of considerations a change of ingredient requires.

Campden BRI will ensure:

  • Cost optimisation whilst maintaining product integrity and consumer satisfaction
  • Technical attributes of the new ingredient meet your production methods
  • Compliance with new regulations or legal requirements

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Campden BRI has a long history of providing outstanding training services to the food and drink industry. No matter the level you require, Campden BRI is the go-to training provider to professionals regarding supply resilience.

Supply resilience training courses

Supply resilience publications

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Other training courses for consideration

  • How to undertake the role of an auditor, to plan, conduct and report an audit of a food safety management system (FSMS). 

    Next available date 13-17 May 2024
    member £2920 + VAT/non-member £3720 + VAT

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