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Pulsed electric field - the potential in food processing

By Danny Bayliss - 19 April 2017

Pulsed electric field processing is a well known non-thermal food preservation technique, but did you know it can also be used to improve product quality and food production processes?

During PEF processing, short high voltage pulses are applied which induce pores in cell membranes. At low field strengths (<10 kV/cm) pores can be formed in the cells of both liquid and bulk food products. This offers many potential benefits to help improve processes or product quality including:

I am excited to announce that we are installing new pulsed electric field equipment in our pilot plant. The Pulsemaster Solidus system will be available for confidential trials during April and May. If you are interested in exploring the potential of PEF technology for your applications then please get in touch.

Danny Bayliss, New Technology Research Team Leader
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Danny Bayliss

About Danny Bayliss

After finishing his PhD in cold plasma technology Danny joined Campden BRI where he has been in various new technology roles since 2012. Danny's main research interests have been in the field of emerging processing and preservation technologies for the food industry.

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