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Technology innovation, development and validation

By Danny Bayliss - 30 March 2015

In a world which is constantly changing, manufacturers must adapt to stay ahead of competitors and continue to meet consumers' needs. One way to achieve this is to use new or emerging preservation and processing technologies. Although the food industry is good at encouraging the development of these new and emerging technologies it is generally conservative and risk averse with respect to adopting these processes.

Since 1919, we have been supporting innovation in the food industry by validating, optimising and developing processing methods and technologies which are suitable and relevant for industry. Previous examples include improvements and greater understanding of retorting microwave reheating, development of the Chorleywood bread process and supporting the development of the then emerging modified atmosphere packaging technology. More recently we have been working on validating new packaging formats, hygienic equipment design, low water activity pasteurisation, rapid thermal methods and non thermal processing technologies such as pulsed light, power ultrasound, high pressure processing, ultraviolet light (UV-C) and cold plasma. With over 3,500 sq m of food process halls and pilot plant we are perfectly positioned to support innovation for the food and drink industry.

We can provide support for all aspects of new and emerging technologies to assess their impacts on food safety and manufacturing operations. Support can include regulatory guidance, background technology and literature searches, data generation for new process assessment and independent validation (product development, microbiological safety, food chemistry, sensory). Our process hall capabilities also enable us to house new pieces of commercial and pilot scale equipment for testing.

We are very active in the area of new and emerging technologies here and can help companies think "outside the box" regarding production options for current or developing products, so if you have a technology query, whether it relates to housing your equipment in our process halls, technology validation, evaluation or strategic technology mapping then please get in touch.

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About Danny Bayliss

After finishing his PhD in cold plasma technology, Danny joined Campden BRI where he has been in various new technology roles since 2012. Danny currently explores future trends and technology developments where he works with spin off, startups and equipment companies to explore commercial applications or develop technologies for industrial future needs. Danny manages more complex contract trials and works on bigger research projects with multiple consortium members.

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