A New and Agile Approach to Research and Innovation Capability

A New and Agile Approach to Research and Innovation Capability

In the summer of 2020, we surveyed a broad cross-section of our membership to get feedback on how they valued our research programme. We learned that relatively few of the members we spoke to found the Member Funded Research (MFR) outputs to be directly applicable to their company’s business. Some industries felt left out or under-represented and others found the project timelines to be too long. In short, members were looking for a more agile and inclusive use of Campden BRI’s Research and Innovation Capability.

Starting in 2021, we will be defining our Research and Innovation and Capability to deliver greater member value and be more relevant and responsive to more of our members’ needs. Members also told us they trusted our judgement to best decide where to focus that capability and so these changes will also see the withdrawal of the annual member voting process to choose projects. These changes will demonstrate Campden BRI’s commitment to continued investment in high quality research, development of people, and expanding the knowledge base and skills, to bring high quality professional consultancy to our clients.

Our ‘Classical’ research portfolio will continue and will comprise a number of shorter turnaround projects reflecting the breadth of our capabilities and targeting the industry needs identified by our Member Interest Groups (MIGs), as well as responding quickly to developing trends affecting the food and drink industries. The MIGs moved online during 2020, creating a more active, international reach and will be key in inspiring the new approach.

We will also build a portfolio of collaborative projects which work more closely with knowledge institutes (Universities) to partner in more ‘fundamental’ research. In doing so we will continue to build new tools, equipment and information services to improve value to Campden BRI members.

We will build a talent pipeline through increased engagement with Universities (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, post graduate studentships, degree apprenticeships, internships/student placements and NPD/student research projects), providing access to Campden BRI and our partner networks.

This will be a year-round ongoing and agile process managed by our Strategic Knowledge Development group, who will cascade developing trends and research insights to our membership through the MIGs, webinars and events.

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