Andrew Collins


Andrew joined Campden BRI at the beginning of 2009. With over 30-years’ experience in a wide range of food businesses (including catering), his current role focuses on consultancy work with the holistic and practical application of food safety management including the role of HACCP and good hygiene practices.

He is a certified BowTie practitioner, and is one of the few food safety experts globally using BowTie methodology – a barrier, risk-based thinking approach to risk management in the food businesses. This approach enables businesses to build holistic, resilient and adaptive systems in a rapidly changing environment.

Andrew also works on supply chain management, agriculture and water use, animal feed and traceability. Plus, he’s part of the team that manages hygiene and allergen management.

Areas of interest

  • Risk Management
  • Holistic concepts to help mitigate risk

Specific areas of expertise

  • Health and Safety
  • Applying barrier risk management in food operations
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Feed
  • Beverages
  • Water management

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