Richard Leathers


Richard Leathers joined Campden BRI in September 2011, and has worked in the food industry for 4 decades.

Richard started working with Dairy Crest and subsequently worked for both Heinz, Unilever, Best Foods and Kanes Foods. Working in the areas of HACCP and Quality Management Systems, Richard also has experience within the fresh produce sector, as well as analysis systems in the milling / baking areas, and is a BRCGS qualified lead auditor.

Richard has contributed to several publications and guidelines, including those for TACCP, VACCP and HACCP / Risk Evaluation and is also trained at advanced level by EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group).

Specific areas of expertise

  • Standards
  • Auditing
  • Management systems
  • Food fraud and food defence (TACCP / VACCP)

Other activities within industry

Committee member for the BRCGS Technical Advisory Committee, for ISO Food Safety Standards in the UK (AW/90), and for PAS 96 TACCP.

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