Food processes

A reference source: the microbiological effects of food processes

Project team: Joy Gaze
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2017 – Dec 2018
Steering MIG: Microbiology
Project Number: 140914
Proposal documentation

Whilst there is a considerable volume of data available, there is no single, definitive, fully - referenced source of information on the effects of processes on problem microbes (e.g. D values, z values, organism survival, deviations of death kinetics, protective effects of specific ingredients and foods) - despite its potential usefulness to industry. This project will compile and publish a definitive reference on and guide to antimicrobial processes on different microbial groups. The range of food and drink types and manufacturing processes used will consider the microbiological implications that occur according to changes from one moisture content to another, or temperature regime or heating system to another and the subsequent applicability of the data. Such evaluations will include exceptional examples of when organisms are just injured and not destroyed and explain how these foods must have additional control measures to preserve the product throughout its shelf life.

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