Review of novel natural preservative systems for use in drinks, sauces and other high Aw foods

Project team: Grzegorz Rachon
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2017 – Dec 2017
Steering MIG: Fermented alcoholic drinks
Project Number: 140915
Proposal documentation

The issue of sourcing natural preservatives, together with natural sweeteners, has been high on the agenda for food and drink product developers for several years. Industry is under pressure to use clean label preservatives as an alternative to traditional ones (e.g. sorbate, benzoate, sulphites). Many drinks manufacturers are looking to reduce thermal processing - to reduce energy costs, avoid flavour deterioration, help maintain heat labile nutrients, and vary packaging options. This project will develop, from the literature, a knowledge matrix of natural preservatives with suggested product applications, presenting their effects on microbial stability, flavour, labile nutrient protection and shelf life - to help companies identify clean label options for use in NPD investigations.

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