Microbiological food safety

Improving the nutritional status of crops for the agri–food chain

Project leader: Sarah Thornber
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2016 – Dec 2018
Steering MIG: Agri–food
Project number: 145293
Proposal documentation

Fruit, vegetable and cereal crops are important sources of nutritional dietary components. Vitamins and minerals obtained from a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables are important to maintain human health and optimise resistance to disease and infection. However, there is evidence that the intake of fruits and vegetables has fallen, leading to concerns over consumer health.

Evidence also suggests that although crop yields may have increased, the nutritional quality and content of fruits and vegetables has declined over the past decades. This project will investigate the potential for enhancing the vitamin, mineral and phytochemical content of commonly consumed food crops using agronomic approaches and/or targeted crop nutrient supplementation, to optimise raw material quality for the agri-food chain.

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