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Fermented and alcoholic drinks Member Interest Group

Fermented and alcoholic drinks Member Interest Group

Chair: Ian Rogerson, Co-operative Group

MIG Manager: Emma Burton

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17 Sep 19
14 May 19
24 Jan 19
18 Sept 18
15 May 18
23 Jan 18

Steering projects

Exploring new sensory methods of assessing beers, ciders and other alcoholic beverages
Predicting the results of hop blending on final beer flavour/aroma using analytical and sensory methods
Quality and safety of cereal–based products and ingredients for the food and brewing industry
Novel natural preservative systems for use in drinks, sauces and other high Aw foods

The Fermented and alcoholic drinks MIG was created at the start of 2014. The group has a range of interests related to alcoholic beverages including improving utilisation, new hop varieties and flavours, feed safety, legislation, production methods, environmental impact, product safety, chemical and microbiological contaminants, flavour stability and consumer trends and attitudes. Topics relating to cider, wine and spirits are also of interest to this group.

As for the twelve other MIGs, a typical agenda features topical discussions, member funded project updates and presentations from external speakers. Members also have the opportunity to network with Campden BRI staff, the speakers and attendees from other member companies as part of their horizon scanning and business intelligence activities.

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