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Member Interest Groups

Member Interest Groups

Thirteen Member Interest Groups each meet 3 times per year where members:

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For us, at Campden BRI, the Member Interest Groups provide the close interactions with members that enables us to ensure our R&D, services and products meet the needs of members. The work of the Member Interest Groups is overseen by the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) and supported by specific working parties. The system involves around 1200 industrialists, with STC and each Member Interest Group meeting three times each year. STC oversees Campden BRI´s scientific and technical activities at a strategic level, whilst the Member Interest Groups and working parties focus on particular disciplines and activities.

Selecting research

In addition to helping to develop research ideas and proposals, the Member Interest Groups and other members are involved in selecting which proposals are funded from member subscriptions through a system of voting. As well as ensuring relevance, the system has been structured by STC to maintain a balance of research across six drivers identified in our Innovation on the food and drink supply chain document: Safety, Quality and value, Nutrition, health and wellbeing, Resilience and efficiency, Environment sustainability, Knowledge Management.

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