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Food and drink science Member Interest Group

Food and drink science Member Interest Group

Chair: Stuart Jones, Warburtons Ltd

MIG Manager: Emma Burton

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Minutes archive

30 Apr 19
15 Jan 19
11 Sep 18
1 May 18
16 Jan 18
12 Sep 17
18 May 17

Steering projects

Mitigating food fraud - best use of analytical screening tools
Ensuring the chemical safety of food and drink using non-targeted screening methods
Food safety and traceability using protein profiling
Functionality of novel ingredients from natural sources
Next generation methods for microbiological and chemical food safety

The Food and drink science MIG provides a forum to select and direct research and exchange information on food and drink science topics, including chemical analysis, the influence of raw materials, processing and storage on food and drink properties and the applications of modern biotechnology, particularly the detection of genetically modified materials and developing EU legislation on chemical registration and authorisation.

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Emma Burton:
+44(0)1386 842233