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Pre-processing to improve natural nutrition and functionality of ingredients

Project team: Mike Adams
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2019 – Dec 2021
Steering MIG: Cereals, milling and baking
Project Number: 147088
Proposal documentation

Various processing methods such as sprouting, fermentation and extrusion are known to improve functionality and nutritional value of ingredients. However, published studies indicate that these benefits very much depend on the exact processing conditions that the raw materials undergo, with huge variation seen from minor changes in processes. This project will develop knowledge on nutrient bioaccessibility and bioavailability to optimise the nutritional value and technical function of the food products. The project will also investigate the effect of processing techniques on bioavailability of nutrients and demonstrate formulations and functionality improvements that processes can offer to different product categories. It will also provide up to date knowledge of materials produced with alternative processes and their uses.

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