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Clean label sugar reduction

Project team: Sarah Chapman
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2018 – Dec 2020
Steering MIG: Nutrition and health
Project Number: 144037
Proposal documentation

Current and impending PHE targets, the sugar levy, demands from consumers and social responsibility means there is a huge pressure for the food industry to continue carrying out wide ranging reformulation. This presents a major technical challenge to the food industry.

A lot of focus in recent years has been on identifying suitable alternative ingredients for sugar reduction, however, these are not always well accepted by consumers, who are increasingly demanding clean label solutions. This project aims to take an alternative approach by understanding how far sugar can be simply removed before product quality is compromised to an unacceptable level or functionality is lost and the need arises to intervene via the use of clean label and/or processing solutions to optimise the level of reduction that can be achieved. The project will also explore what is the smallest portion size consumers will accept before they buy two of the same product and the effectiveness of two clean label approaches in composite products.

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