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International bakery technology conference


Conference: Wednesday 23 May – Thursday 24 May 2018
Campden BRI, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6LD, UK

Day 1

08:30 Registration and arrival refreshments

09:15 Welcome and housekeeping
Gary Tucker, Campden BRI

09:25 Chairman’s introduction
Neil Carr, DSM

Session 1: keynote talks

09:35 Rising to the challenge: understanding bubbles in bakery products
Grant Campbell, University of Huddersfield

10:10 Creating a new brand in baking
Leo Campbell, Modern Baker

10:45 Refreshment break and opportunity to view the exhibits

Session 2: ingredients - structure and texture

11:15 Sustainable, surfactant-free foam stabilisers
Joanne Gould, University of Nottingham

11:50 Ingredient functionality for bread products
Jenni Bradbeer, Campden BRI

12:25 What’s new from the sponsors?

12:45 Lunch, opportunity to view exhibits and go on site tours.

Session 3: ingredients - reducing sugar in cakes

14:00 Oleogels: a novel functional ingredient for healthier cakes
Vincenzo di Bari, University of Nottingham

14:35 New raising agents for low sugar cakes
Dan Brown, Kudos Blends

15:10 Refreshment break and opportunity to view the exhibits

Session 4: ingredients - flavour

15:40 Sensory characteristics of crusty bread and sandwich bread
Camille Dupuy, Lesaffre, France

16:15 Baked goods with a strong character and declaration friendly ingredients
Markus Hombach, Ireks, Germany

16:50 Close of day

Conference dinner

Conference dinner at the Pudding Club, Mickleton - sponsored by Burford Bakery Solutions

19:00 Drinks reception

19:30 Conference dinner

Day 2

08:30 Arrival refreshments

08:40 Chairman’s introduction
Paul Turner, Dupont

Session 5: processing - flour and dough

08:50 Grain processing using the Revtech
Martin Mitzkat, Revtech, France

09:25 Dry heat treatment of flour for the production of high ratio cakes
Silvia Keppler, UC Davis, USA

10:00 Humidity control in bread coolers and provers
Stephen Larkin, Sealpump Engineering Ltd

10:35 Refreshment break and opportunity to network and view exhibits

Session 6: processing - bread

11:05 Vitamin D generation in bread using UV
Matz Bengtson, Viasolde Solution AB, Sweden

11:40 Reducing waste in bread roll plants by application of novel technologies
Kylee Goode, University of Birmingham

12:15 The potential of enzymes for freshness and flavour generation in baked goods
Frank Rittig, Novozymes

12:50 Closing remarks

13:00 A buffet lunch will be available and last opportunity to view exhibits

14:00 Close

Due to circumstances beyond our control, alterations to the timing and content of this conference may become necessary. We therefore reserve the right to modify this event programme

Please note that copies of the presentations will not be available on the day but will be emailed within a few days of the event as an electronic download in PDF format.

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