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The benefits of applying consumer insights

5 September 2023 | Sarah Thomas, Consumer Insights Manager

Whether you are developing a new product, optimising an existing one, or looking to leverage insights into consumer journeys with your products, we can help you to produce winning products that your consumers love.

Below are the three key service areas and how they can help you. In practice, these areas can overlap greatly – we work with each client to determine the best approach to suit their specific project needs.

Concept development and testing

Through the assessment of concepts and prototypes, our team can support you in ensuring a ‘bullet proof’ concept with proven ‘must-haves’ and ‘delighters’.

We work with clients to deliver purposeful development and efficient launch of successful products – so that you can get it right first time.

Our services will help you identify the value of a product to consumers and the most appropriate and effective on-pack sensory claim to use.

Product optimisation and validation

Retaining and growing the number of brand-loyal consumers is imperative for successful product optimisation. Therefore, conducting consumer research pre and post launch is crucial to prevent brand erosion and to preserve your product’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

Our services enable your product reformulation to be guided by consumer insights (namely, sensory drivers of consumer liking), so that your product is positively differentiated from competitors and set up for success in the marketplace.

We can profile time-related flavour and texture attributes, establish which sensory attributes are most liked or preferred, and provide direction for improvement. As well as guiding the changes needed to optimise your product, we will validate their success for you.

Alongside providing evidence to substantiate your on-pack sensory claims, we will support you in ensuring alignment of consumer expectations with their perceptions and emotion response. Ultimately, we will work with you to develop a consumer experience of your product that fits perfectly against the expectations set by the brand promise.

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Consumer product journeys

Studying product journeys enables you to understand the consumer experience of your product from pre to post consumption; the emotional, functional and/or sensorial journey of your product from start to finish.

We can identify touchpoints that matter to your consumers, and drivers of emotion and perception of quality. We will also support you in leveraging this information for the success of your product.

We can help you leverage consumer insights

Whether you are developing a new product or optimising an existing one, success or failure of a product will ultimately depend on what consumers think of it, so it is essential to understand the consumer response in detail when embarking on a product innovation or product optimisation programme.

Our experts have a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods available to explore consumers’ expectations and experiences. No matter what our client challenge may be, we consistently deliver innovative solutions, helping clients into a much better position to conquer their market.

Sarah Thomas

About Sarah Thomas

Sarah is an experienced consumer insights practitioner, whose background in qualitative research provides a skill set that is sensitive to understanding the complexities of individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

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