Membership frequently asked questions

Q Can you give me an overview of Campden BRI?


We offer unrivalled technical expertise and support for any company in the food, drink and allied industries – a global community more than 4000 member companies in over 90 countries, ranging from tiny startups through SMEs to large global organisations. We work with all of the top 10 UK retailers, the top 15 global food and drink manufacturers and many of the world’s biggest brands.

You're our top priority as a member, and we're here to provide support, services and resources tailored to your needs. Whether it's quick, free enquiries or keeping you informed, we are here to help.

Membership provides the reassurance of knowing we are here if you need us, and we have a team of over 250 technical experts who you can rely on.

Q What is a Member Service Account (MSA) and how can I use it?


Visit the Member Service Account page to understand more about MSA.

Q How do short enquiries work, can I use my MSA?


Short enquiries (ie: enquiries that we can respond to in about 20 minutes) whether they be technical, scientific or regulatory, are free of charge for members and are unrestricted, as long as they are on unrelated matters. Longer enquiries (as well as a series of short enquiries building upon the same matter) can be paid for by using your Member Service Account.

Q How much does membership cost?


Membership fees are based on a number of factors including: your company´s business activities; where you are based (UK or elsewhere); how many sites and employees you have; and your annual turnover. Whatever you pay us as a membership fee we give you 20% of it back as a credit to start your Member Service Account. For a no obligation free quotation complete our enquiry form.

Q What do I get with my membership?


See our membership benefits page for a breakdown of our membership benefits.

Q Can "Start–up" businesses join?


Yes, we offer Associate Membership for start-ups and very small businesses. This is our lowest fee at £850.00 + VAT. For further information email or call +44(0)1386 842186 our membership team.

Q Who is eligible for membership?


Any organisation operating within the food and drink supply chain. Organisations offering competitive services are not considered eligible for membership.

Q How do we access your experts?


Our enquiry handling team act as a central point of contact which means that they will ensure that you get to the appropriate experts as quickly as possible.

What members value most is the easy access to our technical, scientific and regulatory experts. As a member you can contact them free of charge for up to 20 minutes (free short enquiry).

Of course, not all queries can be answered within the 20 minute window – if the query goes over (e.g. to research the question, seek advice, or provide a full email answer) then members will usually use their Member Service Account (MSA) to pay for that time. You can check your balance at any time via our website, in the ‘my account’ area where you will find your MSA balance.

Q Who else is in membership?


We currently have in the region of 4,000+ companies in membership from 90+ counties. See who else is a member.

Q How do you keep members up to date?


We appreciate that members need to keep up-to-date with trends and new technologies within the food industry. As well as a range of opt-in newsfeed emails that you can select for yourself on our website, you will also receive our free fortnightly regulatory update (Food Law Alerts).

Q How else can we keep up to date?


The best way of keeping in touch with issues affecting the food and drink industry is by attending our Member Interest Groups (MIGs). We have 15 different groups and they meet regularly twice per year (Spring and Autumn) to discuss the latest thinking on key topics and challenges relevant to each individual group.

Q Where can I get a copy of your logo?


Members wishing to highlight their membership of Campden BRI, on their website or literature, are entitled to use a special version of the Campden BRI logo designed for this purpose. We are also happy to link to members' websites from ours.

Q I've never been to Campden BRI when can I come and visit?


Members are always welcome to visit us to see our facilities and meet our experts. New members are offered an introductory online meeting to get to know us and learn how to make the most of their membership. If you would like to arrange a visit please email or call +44(0)1386 842186 our membership team.