3D X-ray: New technology to detect quality From March 2020

3D X-ray: New technology to detect quality

One of our member-funded research projects is investigating the potential of 3D X-ray technology to detect both quality and safety issues in a range of products.

Bread was one such product used in the study. Holes in bread can cause problems on sandwich filling lines when mayonnaise, for example, seeps through the bread’s holes and on to the conveyor belt - creating a potential hygiene issue. The X-ray computed tomography scanner can help prevent this problem. We used a scanner provided by Biometic (Italy) to create a 3D image of a bread loaf revealing areas containing large holes due to the fermentation process. How can you apply this technology?

This CT scanner now works with an auto-reject algorithm to create a fully automated process that sorts between acceptable and low-quality products in real time on a production line.

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