Analysis From February 2020

Ambassador’s Q&A: Gary Tucker

To further improve our engagement with members and understand their needs, four of our senior members of staff have been assigned ‘ambassadorial’ roles, including:

Each month we’ll pick the brains of one of them to find out about their new role. First up is Gary.

What will your new role allow you to do?

The ambassador role is mostly externally-facing but includes mentoring activities to upskill the next generation of technical experts. I will be able to visit more clients to discuss their technical issues related to food processing, get involved in more conferences and events to promote Campden BRI and take an active role in the member interest groups.

What are you looking forward to working on?

The emphasis on mentoring staff excites me. In my previous roles at Campden BRI, I have gained considerable knowledge in thermal processing, rheology, process simulation and, most recently, baking. A mentoring programme will allow me to transfer this knowledge to our staff.

What does the future hold for the industry?

Now that the Brexit decision looks resolved, the food industry has a better idea about the future and what it needs to do to move forwards. It’s likely that this greater level of certainty will allow companies to continue developing new products and processes or increase their R&D investment.

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