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Helping you with audits and standards From April 2011 newslette

Helping you with audits and standards

Auditing and quality management issues continue to be a headache for many of our clients - but help is at hand.

Are you having difficulty understanding a clause or requirement in a particular standard (e.g. BRC)? We can help you interpret them and suggest ways of ensuring compliance.

Does your HACCP team need help? We can offer advice over the phone or come to your site to help your team develop your HACCP plan and ways to implement it.

Are you required to carry out risk assessments but don't know where to start? We can come to your site to help you develop your risk assessment and offer advice on ways to go about it.

Have you just had an audit and don't know how to close out a non-conformance? We can offer advice on appropriate corrective actions and how to ensure a non-conformance doesn't recur.

Contact: Rachel Crocker
+44(0)1386 842451