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Food labels From April 2011 newsletter

Developing a food label

Food labels and labelling are high on the agenda with enforcement bodies, pressure groups and the consumer alike. You need to get them right to avoid costly recalls and the risk of prosecution, and to protect customers who may have specific ethical or dietary needs.

Sheila Barbour, our Label Review Coordinator, explains how we can help:

"Whether by reviewing a single label, training staff, or completely overhauling a company's policies, procedures and practices, our food labelling expertise can ensure that complex, shifting legal and best practice requirements are consistently met".

Cost effective service

"Developing a food label is often an iterative process, and part of a much larger product development programme.We can help you at any stage in the product development cycle right through to the finished artwork with advice on the label itself. This cost effective service comments on legal and best practice acceptability, forewarns of potential difficulties in relation to forthcoming legislation and suggests practical alternatives.

A company's entire product range can also be systematically assessed; the results are analysed and reported in a way that identifies both specific and general issues of concern. This is a technique that has also been used very successfully to carry out Department of Health funded surveys of unit and health information on alcoholic drink labels, as well as FSA funded surveys on clear and origin labelling of prepacked foods.

Your reputation

"Getting your label right can reduce the time it takes to get a product to market. It avoids disruptive and costly reformulations, and prevents costly write-offs. It can also help to maintain your reputation and improve supply chain confidence."

Contact: Sheila Barbour
+44(0)1386 842292