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Brewing Analytes Proficiency Scheme

The Brewing Analytes Proficiency Scheme (BAPS) is an international scheme designed to promote quality in the measurement of a range of chemical, microbial and sensory analytes in beer, and to help brewers monitor and improve the quality of their measurements, building confidence in their testing.

Participating in BAPS enables companies to:

BAPS is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) and is run as a partnership between Campden BRI and LGC Standards - a world leader in proficiency testing.

The scheme covers chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis. Participants analyse the samples using their inhouse methods and the results are sent to the scheme organisers. Each then receives a report which benchmarks their performance against all other participants.

Contact: Gordon Jackson
+44(0)1737 824255

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